About HYY – Company Overview

All products introduced in this website are developed by professionals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) who have a thorough understanding of the interactions of Chinese herbs and how they are used to maintain health. The herbal supplements are then manufactured according to stringent western manufacturing procedures and meet the standards for heavy metal, pesticide and microbial safety.

Our Mission

HYY (BVI) Ltd. aims to provide quality herbal supplements in the Chinese medicine tradition.

The companies’ first priority is its customers. It is important to us that everyone who uses our products will gain the same benefits the Chinese people have experienced for centuries with TCM. Education about our products and TCM principles is a key part in understanding how Chinese herbs can contribute to health.

Our Vision

Our vision is to bring about the joint use of Chinese herbs and western medicine as routine complementary therapies to promote health and well-being.

We recognize the significant advances western medicine has made in the modern world, but it also creates risks and new challenges in health care. Ancient Chinese approaches in healthcare and disease prevention are capable of complement the practice of western medicine. Because TCM is known to its holistic and harmonious strategies, the combined use of Chinese herbs with western medications has future potential in generating successful outcomes, especially in those who suffering from health problems of the modern age. We commit to supporting research encompassing both western medicine and Chinese Medicine perspectives in order to advance the understanding of our products.

About Our Logo

Company logo of House of Yin Yang


Health maintenance and disease prevention are important concepts in TCM. HYY stands for House of Yin Yang, our logo symbolizes our commitment to providing quality herbal supplements that restore balance to the body and optimize health in the Chinese medicine tradition.

The House

The image of the house represents a home. No matter what its size or shape, a home in any culture is a place where families gather to share thoughts and ideas with the people who are important in their lives. A home also provides comfort and safety to those who seek it. HYY (BVI) Ltd. believes its products should provide the same safety and comfort of a home. Because customers are important, questions and comments about the products are welcomed. This input provides valuable insight into our products and delivery of services.

The Yin Yang Symbol

the yin yang symbolThe yin yang symbol in our logo represents the harmony and balance of health gained from using herbal supplements. This symbol comes from ancient Chinese philosophy. The dark side of the circle is yin while the light side is yang. Originally, the yin yang theory was used to explain phenomena in the universe. In nature, there are always two opposing components, which cannot exist without containing a little bit of each other. The symbol, therefore, has a piece of yang in yin and some yin in yang. An example of this concept is nighttime which is yin and daytime which is yang. When sunlight falls on the spherical earth, one side becomes illuminated where daytime is present, while the other side becomes dark where nighttime is present. Hence, daytime does not exist without nighttime. Actually, if there were no daytime, we would never know about nighttime. Maintaining balance and harmony between the two is necessary for developing and transforming nature and for sustaining life.

Eventually, the yin yang theory was applied to medical practice. In TCM, physiological functions of the body are in a state of dynamic balance, and interactions of the functions are characterized according to yin yang principles. When balance is interrupted, disease or illness occurs. When the balance of yin yang is restored, health is maintained.

Herbs selected are based on their properties and the problems of the individual. Yin herbs may be selected to treat someone who has too much yang and is manifesting heat symptoms from “over” functioning of the body. Yang herbs may be selected to treat individuals who have too much yin resulting from “under” functioning of the body. While the yin yang theory may be difficult to understand, it is an fundamental concept that guides the physicians in diagnosis and choice of treatment.

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About Our Chinese Name

The Chinese name of HYY (BVI) Ltd. is xing lin tangOur Chinese name is xing lin tang, literally translated means “Apricot Hall”. Using the expression of “apricot orchard” is in honor of a Chinese physician. This relates back to a distinguished Chinese physician named Dong Feng who lived in the Three Kingdoms Period of China (220∼280 AD). Dong Feng was a Taoist who practiced in the Lu Mountain, his patients gave apricot trees in appreciation of his consulting services, as he would not accept monetary payment. Eventually a whole orchard of apricot trees was planted on the mountain where he lived, a testament to his skills as an expert physician. Today, this is the reason why the expression is considered the highest praise in medical field.

Reference: Hoizey, D. & Hoizey, M. J., A History of Chinese Medicine, Edinburgh University Press Ltd. (1993), p. 47.