About Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

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Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has over 2,000 years of history in China. This ancient medical practice is still effective and safe for the health problems of modern age.

With a holistic view, TCM physicians focus on the integrity of body (body, mind, and spirit are united as a whole) as well as its relationship with the nature. Maintaining harmony within the body and with the immediate environment are the core of TCM.

Holistic health is the basic tenet of TCM

The body is viewed as an organic whole, in which all the components are connected through the meridian system forming a complex set of interrelationships. Internal stability and harmony are the foundation for defense against disease as well as for healthy physiological functions. Disturbances to this well balanced state can cause diseases or physiological disorders. The five organs (Liver, Heart, Spleen, Lung, Kidney) are acted as the major functional units to keep the body regulated and balanced. Every part of the body has special relationships with the five organs and the five organs themselves are interrelated too.

TCM five organ systems of body

The organs along with others combine to build up a defense and surveillance system that TCM physicians call healthy qi (zheng qi). In other words, TCM considers the body’s defense, self-regulating and repair abilities, as a flow of qi (energy) inside the body, and is closely associated with the activities of the five organs.

Preservation of healthy qi is the ultimate goal for good health

 A famous quote from the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, says “If healthy qi is present, pathogens cannot interfere with the body easily.” Although this sentence looks simple, it reflects an important concept of TCM. There are many factors that cause the body to become unbalanced, but they are all related to the conflict between healthy qi and pathogens. The conflict between the two forces is what allows the disease to either progress or allows the body recovers to a healthy state. We are constantly exposed to environments or substances that can compromise our health, such as bacteria, parasites, pesticides or other pollutants. When the body functions well, it is easy to keep disease and injury minimal with faster healing and prolong life as well. A key for the overall well-being is to integrate all body components and keep them in balance, neither underactive nor overactive.

Use the Five Elements Theory to promote health

The Five Elements Theory is used as a tool for grouping objects, and as a method for analyzing changes of natural phenomena. The theory asserts substances can be divided into one of five basic elements: wood, fire, water, metal and earth; and each element contains its own specific characteristics and properties.

The five elements and their relationships with nature and the body 

As shown in the above table, there are organized relationships between the elements, nature and the body. Working within this system of thought, everything has a correlation in nature. TCM physicians use this to explain the interrelationships of internal body, especially the physiological and pathological influences between the organs. The interrelationships of the five elements play an important role in maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

In Western medicine, doctors look for specific causes of disease and focus on particular body components to treat. The drugs or therapies that provided for patients tend to make the body further unbalanced and usually come with unwanted side-effects. While TCM also treats the cause of the disease, but the main objective is to enhance the body’s defense, self-regulating and repair abilities, so that it can function optimally, or coexist with the diseased condition. Once internal harmony is achieved again, health can be retrieved even if a cure is not possible.

Health maintenance, resolving complex conditions and promoting recovery are three strengths of TCM. It is often found to be effective complementary treatment alongside Western medicine.

Prevention is always better than a cure! TCM always stresses that lifestyle and behavior are determinant factors for good health, they are something that you have to do all your life. Why not start a small healthy routine with TCM TODAY?

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