FAQ about I’m-Yunity®

Common queries and the answers for a better understanding of I’m-Yunity®.

Q: Are there any side effects of I’m-Yunity®?

A: There have been no reported true side effects using I’m-Yunity®. However, we recommend consulting with your veterinarian if your pet is on medications that suppress immune function or if your pet has an autoimmune disease. Since I’m-Yunity® is designed to support healthy immune function.

If your pet has a mushroom allergy then I’m-Yunity® may not be right for your pet too.

Q: Can I’m-Yunity® be used in cats or other animals?

A: Currently, I’m-Yunity® has only been evaluated for safety and efficacy in dogs. Animal species other than dogs may react differently to I’m-Yunity®, so we cannot guarantee its safety and efficacy in all animal species. If there is not a medical reason why your animal cannot have a mushroom extract, then I’m-Yunity® would be considered reasonable to try for immune supplementation. We recommend discussing the use of I’m-Yunity® in any animal other than a dog with your veterinarian prior to use.

Q: For I’m-Yunity®, are there any learned interactions with drugs or herbs?

A: We have a study “In vivo effect of I’m-Yunity on hepatic cytochrome P450 3A4”, which investigated the ability of I’m-Yunity to inhibit or induce the drug metabolism of CYP3A4 in healthy adult human subjects. (The link to the abstract on Medline is here, if you need the full report please email us.) Some chemo drugs fall into this category. The results suggests that the administration of I’m-Yunity® with other medications and dietary supplements, which are primarily metabolized on this pathway, is not expected to be associated with significant herb-drug interactions. If you use any of the chemo drugs that are metabolized on this pathway, chances are you have a better safety profile using concomitantly.

As this study was done in human, it is difficult to say if the results would be the same in dogs without repeating a drug interaction study. However, in animal toxicity studies yunzhi was considered safe in doses up to 18g/kg in acute toxicity testing¹ and 6g/kg in a sub chronic toxicity testing².

A second clinical trial has begun and more detail about I’m-Yunity® with drugs or herbs will be learnt. If you are interested in joining second clinical trial, please click here.

I'm-Yunity study references

Q: How can I buy I’m-Yunity® more economically?

A: I’m-Yunity® is definitely a premier product; many things go into creating and sourcing this quality product. Each batch of I’m-Yunity® is manufactured in cGMP facility and complies with heavy metal, microbial and pesticide testing requirements for each country it is imported to. In addition, we support continued research into I’m-Yunity® and other Chinese Medicine products, so that consumers can be assured of product efficacy and safety.

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Q: How do I give my pet I’m-Yunity®?

A: The animals in recently published clinical trial did not have problems swallowing the capsules directly. However, you can also mix the powder from the capsules with wet dog food. Make sure your animal has plenty of water to drink when taking I’m-Yunity®.

Q: How long should I keep my pet on I’m-Yunity®?

A: How long to give I’m-Yunity® to your pet is really up to you and depends on the benefits your pet receive from using the product. You can stay the product as an immune supplement similar to a vitamin. I’m-Yunity® supports general immune health and can be taken for long-term health benefits. Dogs taking I’m-Yunity® can enjoy a healthier lifestyle, supported by general fitness and a more robust immune function.

Q: How much should I give I’m-Yunity® to my dog?

A: For I’m-Yunity® for Dogs, a recently published clinical trial shows that it works best in 100/mg per kilogram (kg) of bodyweight per day. That means the daily dose = dog’s weight (kg) X 100mg, splits in two equal doses taken with the morning and evening meals.

Please note this was a pilot study and the next study will provide more definitive results. The second clinical study has already begun, if you are interested in joining the second clinical trial, please
click here.

Q: How soon to see results when taking I’m-Yunity®?

A: I’m-Yunity® is made from a unique proprietary ingredient extracted from Coriolus versicolor, which has long been recognized for its non-toxic and invigorating effects to preserve vitality. Traditionally, Chinese herbalists use it to relieve symptoms such as general weakness, fatigue, poor appetite and loose bowels. Modern herbalists use it as an immune modulator due to its strong immune promoting effects.

In general, the benefits of I’m-Yunity® can be seen within 7〜14 days. In animals this is largely down to the owner observing their pet’s behavior changes. If your pet is experiencing a good appetite, sufficient energy level, and quality sleep, this can be due to enhanced immune function and contributed to the use of I’m-Yunity®. As this product is designed to support healthy immune function; we would expect your pet to be healthy and remain healthy.


Q: What is the active ingredient in I’m-Yunity®?

A: I’m-Yunity® comes in 400mg capsules with active ingredient – standardized polysaccharide peptide (PSP). Each capsule contains 38% or more of polysaccharide content and 11.5% or more of peptide content.

Q: What is the difference between I’m-Yunity® and other mushroom products?

A: We only use the extract from the mycelia of COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor for I’m-Yunity®. It is a pure and single-species herbal supplement that doesn’t rely on other additional ingredients to exert its multiple health benefits. Our Company sources the proprietary extract from the inventor exclusively and supported mushroom research for over 20 years. The efficacy and safety of I’m-Yunity® are well researched in independent academic institutions in the U.S., Hong Kong and China.

We are also following up the study conducted in the well-known veterinary research center in the U.S. with a larger scale study to make sure the pilot results are repeatable with I’m-Yunity®, and there is direct benefit from Chinese medicine herbal products.

We value quality research and want to help people better understand about the products you choose to use.


Q: What to expect after taking I’m-Yunity®?

A: I’m-Yunity® is made from Coriolus versicolor mushroom with active ingredient PSP (polysaccharide peptide), which is a safe herb that has been well documented in the Compendium of Materia Medica to enhance immune functions in both humans and animals. In animals, its results are largely down to the owner observing their pet’s behavior changes. If your pet is experiencing a good appetite, sufficient energy level, and quality sleep, this can be due to enhanced immune function and contributed to the use of I’m-Yunity® .

Study proven that dogs taking I’m-Yunity® enjoy a healthier lifestyle, supported by general fitness and a more robust immune function.