Scientifically Proven Chinese Medicine

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is a well-researched mushroom supplement with a unique proprietary ingredient – PSP (polysaccharopeptide).

PSP, the active ingredient of I’m-Yunity® has been well researched in independent academic institutions in the United States, Hong Kong and China over the past 20 years. Animal and human clinical trials have shown I’m-Yunity® possesses immune supporting benefits and enhances immune surveillance. ¹,²

A recent clinical trial conducted with dogs taking I’m-Yunity® at a well-known veterinary center in the U.S also gives firmer scientific evidence to I’m-Yunity®’s use in dogs as an immune health supplement to achieve a better quality of life.¹

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is made from polysaccharide peptide (PSP), a special kind of protein-bound polysaccharides, extracted from the mycelia of COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor especially for immune balance and vitality of dogs.

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