What is I’m-Yunity®?

I”m-Yunity® for Dogs is a well-researched mushroom herbal supplement for dogs’ immune balance.

Coriolus versicolor, also known as Yunzhi, is a precious tonic that belongs to a family of medicinal mushrooms in the Chinese culture. Early in 15th century of China, the famous Compendium of Materia Medica categorized it a supreme herb with health benefits like replenishing essence and qi (vital energy), strengthening tendons and bones, promoting general enhancement and anti-aging. The gentle and invigorating properties of Coriolus versicolor are very suitable to consume regularly for long-term health.

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is made from a unique proprietary ingredient extracted from Coriolus versicolor, specially for immune balance and vitality of dogs.

Selected herbal source

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is made from COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor. This unique strain was successfully identified and isolated as the optimal strain of Coriolus versicolor among 80 strains collected in China by a reputed fungus expert, Professor Yang Qingyao. He specially cultivated the strain using deep layer cultivation technology with submerged fermentation to provide mycelia as the raw material for our I’m-Yunity® production.

PSP – effective ingredient of Coriolus versicolor

Coriolus versicolor contains bioactive compounds called polysaccharides, which are complex molecules built from many units of sugar. Variation in the compounds occurs if abstracted different parts of the mushroom. Prof. Yang isolated polysaccharide peptide (PSP), a special kind of protein-bound polysaccharides, from the mycelia of COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor. Pharmacological and clinical studies have showed that PSP has positive immune modulation effects, and helps improve quality of life.*

Technological breakthrough in PSP extraction

Professor Yang also made a technological breakthrough in the structural elucidation of PSP, that specific types of PSP molecules are isolated from the mycelia of COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor. The complex process of insolating effective PSP molecules is one reason why not all products containing PSP may have similar health benefits.

Validated by long-time study and application in human

When PSP first released in the early 80’s, it immediately caught the attention of researchers and customers. Long-time studies along with numerous customer testimonials provided collective evidences that PSP supports immune health, promotes general fitness and improves quality of life. Essence of Mushroom (the Hong Kong packaging of I’m-Yunity®) has been marketed in Hong Kong over 40 years, and registered as a Chinese Proprietary Medicine as well. I’m-Yunity® has also been registered as supplement to sell in Canada, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand markets.

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is natural and safe

Unlike other mushroom products, we use exclusively the PSP from the mycelia of COV-1® strain of Coriolus versicolor for the production of I’m-Yunity® for Dogs. It is a pure and single-species herbal supplement that doesn’t rely on other additional ingredients to exert its multiple health benefits. The product is manufactured in the factory with GMP (good manufacturing practices) standard, which further ensures its quality and purity, making your pet getting the most potent PSP active ingredient.

Better quality of life for your beloved pet

Clinical study for dogs with cancer at a well-known veterinary center has showed encouraging results, that I’m-Yunity® as an immune health supplement enhances the quality of life for dogs and benefits general well-being.** Most dog owners may hesitate to opt for chemotherapy for their dogs because of known side effects and high cost. If you wish to boost your dog’s immune fighting abilities, help them get through hard times and achieve a better quality of life, I’m-Yunity® for Dogs is an excellent choice!

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