Remembrance™ is a Chinese herbal supplement that supports memory and brain functioning. It is also helpful for maintaining healthy blood circulation in the body.

Have you ever experienced fatigue, a declined memory or concentration, resulting in a poor work performance?

In Chinese medicine, poor blood circulation and lack of vital energy (Chi) can lead to a variety of problems,  in which individuals are usually experienced the above.  This is because our brain’s demand for blood and vital energy is large, even a slight decline in its blood or vital energy supply may affect it’s functioning, which in turn many critical physiological activities that regulated by the brain will become dysfunction. Having a sufficient supply in the brain is essential for its proper functioning and beneficial for the daily performance.

An active and smooth circulation of the brain ensures healthy brain power and thus optimizes memory and concentration.

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Regular (60 tablets)


500mg tablets


Rhodiolae Crenulatae Radix et Rhizoma, Ginkgo leaf

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Suggested Use :

  • For adults, take one tablet twice daily with a glass of water. May increase up to tablets twice daily.

Precautions :

  • Consult a healthcare provider before taking this product if you are on MAO inhibitors.

Suitable individuals :

  • Individuals with memory / concentration problems and tiredness / mental exhaustion related to stressful lifestyles which affect work performance. Individuals who are recovering from neurological problems. Individuals who want to maintain healthy blood circulation as well as satisfactory brain and memory health as they age. Migraine sufferers should only take this product with a healthcare provider’s prescription.


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