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SportChi® is a sports supplement with a synergistic mix of natural Chinese herbal ingredients in a proprietary blend. It is developed to achieve optimal performance by prolonging endurance and facilitating recovery from muscle fatigue.

SportChi™ Capsules help maintain optimal energy, promote circulatory health and facilitate the body’s adaptation to physical and environmental stresses.

Benefits of SportChi®
SportChi® nourishes chi (vital energy), promotes healthy blood circulation, removes blood stasis, clears the lungs, calms the mind and helps muscle fatigue recovery. It is indicated for chi deficiency and lack of energy and can be used for health maintenance in high altitudes. In Traditional Chinese medicine, healthy chi and blood flow are essential elements in maintaining active brain and organ functions as well as keeping muscles and joints in working order.


Chinese Medicine believes movements of the muscles, joints, tendons and the four limbs depend on the support and nourishment of the vital energy — Chi. If the internal vital energy is deficient, however, the limbs, muscles, joints and tendons become weak, resulting in feelings of tiredness and general malaise.

During relatively intense periods of physical activities, especially endurance types, there are great demands on muscle energy and also cardiovascular and pulmonary functions. In Chinese Medicine, these are all closely related to the vital energy – Chi of the body. Lung Chi is responsible for pulmonary function while heart Chi is responsible for cardiovascular function. Physical activities including the limb movements, on the other hand, are mainly coordinated by spleen Chi. Therefore, the body’s physical performance is closely linked with an adequate amount of vital energy so that the organs can communicate and work efficiently with one another.


The brain plays the most vital role in the body. Being the major part of the central nervous system, it controls many important activities. Thoughts, memory, logic deduction and induction, cognitive functions are all activities performed by brain cells. Brain cells are very sensitive cells and susceptible to damage when there is poor blood circulation supplying oxygen and nutrients. In fact, brain cells always need a constant oxygen and nutrient (especially glucose) supply from the blood circulation. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to circulatory health in order to maintain normal and healthy brain activities.


Our blood is rich in nutrients and its main function is to nourish our body. All parts of our body including the organs, orifices, limbs and bones need nourishment from blood for normal functioning. Blood nourishment is also needed for a healthy “spirit” which incorporates our intellectual, cognitive and mental activities. Therefore, when there is sufficient nourishment from the blood with good ruling of the “spirit” by the heart, you will look healthy and fit with rosy cheeks and have a wise, clear and fast mind. When blood nourishment is insufficient, or when there is disharmony with the “blood and spirit ruling”, signs like forgetfulness, poor self esteem, and slow thought processes or reactions occur.

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Bottle Size

Regular (60 capsules)


270 mg tablets (active ingredients)


Rhodiolae Crenulatae Radix et Rhizoma, Ginkgo leaf

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Suggested Use :

  • For adult, take 1-2 tablets 1-2 times daily after meals. May be taken before or during exercise.

Precautions :

  • Consult a healthcare provider before taking this product if you are pregnant, or giving the product to your children or if you are taking anticoagulant (e.g. coumadin) or antiplatelet medication (e.g. aspirin).
  • Avoid taking this product before bedtime or on an empty stomach.

Suitable individuals :

  • SportChi™ helps increase the physical capacity of endurance and promotes body recovery after exercise. It is suitable for individuals who tend to have low energy levels, or for individuals who are actively engaged in aerobic and endurance sports.


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