Suggested dosage

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs

According to the Chinese Materia Medica:

Coriolus versicolor also known as Yunzhi is neutral in property; the medicinal mushroom replenishes essence and qi (vital energy), provides general fitness and regulates immune functions. Traditionally, Chinese herbalists use it to relieve symptoms such as general weakness, fatigue, poor appetite and loose bowels. Modern herbalists often use it as an immune modulator due to its strong immune promoting effects.

I’m-Yunity® for Dogs

Made from a unique proprietary ingredient extracted from Coriolus versicolor, especially for immune balance and vitality of dogs.

Bottle size:         60 capsules
Dosage:                400 mg per capsule

Suggested dosage:

Based on published clinical study, the best results were achieved when given 100 mg per 1 kg of dog’s body weight per day, which is suggested to split into two equal doses taken with the morning and evening meals.

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Precautions: Consult your veterinarian if your dog has had an organ transplant or is taking immunosuppressant medication.